Las Pocitas

The aquamarine water rippling over soft, golden-white sand is hard to beat here, as are the little pools that form among the rocks at low tide, which make the perfect, tiny marine ecosystems to explore.

Playa Roja

The red beach gets its name from the red sand, which beautifully contrasts with the blue sea and the dramatic rocks. Surrounded by a protected national reserve, Playa Roja’s beauty should remain unchanged.

Punta Sal

The coast’s longest beach with water being warm all year round. Due to its soft sand beaches, mesmerizing vistas and blue water, Punta Sal is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the country.


Considered among the best surf beaches in Peru, Lobitos is blessed with ideal shaped waves, which often swell to 8-feet or more, thanks to the powerful currents that collide just offshore.


Named a World Surfing Reserve Site in 2012, it draws surfers from near and far. A desirable destination with a laid-back vibe, wonderful views and proximity to Chan Chan ancient ruins.

Santa Rosa Beach

Noted for its large and perfectly formed waves, it’s a magnet for local and foreign surfers alike. The best waves appear from April until the end of the year, welcoming surfers of intermediate level or higher.

  • Sea Lions Swimming Tour

    Departing Lima, plunge into the water to enjoy a supervised swim with the marine mammals before admiring rock formations and other wildlife on your return journey.

  • Ballestas Islands Tour

    We will board our boat that will take us to the wonderful Ballestas Islands, sanctuary of the most important nature of the Peruvian coast, observe sea lions, bobo birds, pelicans, penguins and other marine birds.

  • Whale Watching Tour

    Whale watching in Peru is seasonal, enjoyed specifically between August and early November. Set onboard and drive near Los Organos, Cabo Blanco and Punta Sal with a team of marine life experts.

Henna Shields
Professional tour operator

If you need to get away from the noise of the city, nothing could be better than a visit to the beautiful beaches of the Peruvian coast. With the wild Pacific Ocean gracing its shores, Peru is a surfer's paradise. With a Peru beach holiday in mind, you've got plenty of unique beach destinations to choose from. We offer a wide range of tours covering them all. Accommodation and transfer provided per your request. Let us organize your dream vacation - your stay is guaranteed to be pleasant!